Xinxiang Qiming Reflective Materials Co., Ltd., is a professional reflective material and reflective vest R & D, sales and service of integrated enterprise. The company is committed to providing consumers around the world with professional quality, quality and stability of the reflective protection products, with high-quality product quality and integrity of business purposes, reflective materials and reflective vest industry has a high praise.

Our Products

The company’s main products are: reflective safety clothing series (LED reflective vest, reflective vest, reflective suit, and sanitation package), clothing accessories series (reflective ribbon, reflective package sideband, reflective lattice belt, and reflective signs), labor insurance products Tooling, hats, gloves, sleeves), traffic safety series (flash lights, cordon, and body paste). The company’s products are widely used in outdoor sports, sanitation, fire, sanitation, labor, maritime, road, construction, roads, ports, co-management, patrol, security, border, medical, scientific research, rescue and schools.

Our Vision

Qiming Reflective uphold the “innovation and development” values, and always implement the customer first, the service to the business philosophy, and seriously treat each customer to customer demand-driven research and innovation, to provide customers with stable quality of security products, fast and accurate to meet customer needs.