Function of Reflective Vest

Reflective vests are popular clothing items, mostly for outdoor workers.

So, where is it usually used in the workplace, and what is the function of the vests?

In foreign countries, especially in developed countries, all outdoor workers must wear protective clothing such as reflective vests to play a safety warning role and reduce the losses caused by outdoor work injuries to families, businesses and society. Outdoor operations usually include: road administration, sanitation, traffic management, construction, transportation, petroleum, chemical and other special operations, while reflective vests are used more in the fields of road administration, sanitation, traffic management and construction.

The Qiming Reflective Vest uses a fluorescent fabric and a high visibility reflective tape. It has a high viewing distance in day or night, allowing the wearer to be discovered in the first time in a dangerous situation. The role of effectively reducing or avoiding accidents is the most basic essential protective equipment for outdoor workers.

Protective clothing such as reflective vests (vests) is also a field leisure travel or protective equipment that adventurers should carry with them.