Reflective Vest is Indispensable for Cycling in Winter

When the winter comes, the cycling party has to complain again. In the morning, when they go out early, the sky is still bright, and when it is not at work in the evening, the sky is already dark. On the other hand, the wind is biting, all kinds of equipment should be equipped with helmets, cold gloves, wind quilts, cotton shoes… from head to toe, fully armed!

However, it must be said that few people have noticed that it is reflective protection. Reflective vests, reflective raincoats, and even reflective cotton coats, reflective protective clothing can reflect light in the dark environment, primary school students on the way, couriers who send parcels, large trucks and excavator masters, even aunts who buy food after work, can equipped.

In the case of reflective vests, which are usually made of high-visibility fabrics, mostly fluorescent yellow and orange-red, these two colors of fabrics make the wearer “obvious” during the day. In the large part of the vest, there are usually several reflective strips of “two horizontal”, “one horizontal and two vertical” or “two horizontal and two vertical”, which makes it very good in the case of light at night. Reflective effect, a high-quality reflective vest can reflect more than 300 meters at night. Wearing it and riding a car, the safety factor must raise a lot.

Therefore, Qiming Reflective recommends cycling to work in winter to buy a high-quality reflective vest to add a guarantee for your life safety.