What is the reflective vest? What is the function of the reflective vest?

Reflective vest is used as safety warning protective equipment which is made by mesh or normal warp-knitted fabric. The key point is the reflective material on the vest; it is reflective plastic material or high visibility reflective tape. Use the micro-diamond of the crystal lattice to produce refraction, and the principle of glass bead return light reflection.

The vest which passes the processing can reflect distant direct light back to the light location. It makes the same visibility meter in night as in the daytime. And can be easily seen by the driver in the dark condition.

The reflective vest can do a safe and warning function in the night and special weather. Widely used in daily life, such as traffic police, airport, parking lot, rescue, environmental sanitation, shipbuilding, oil, mining, construction, etc.

Because of the reflective vest’s particularity, it will be obvious warning even use in daytime.

Our reflective vest made by class 2 high visibility reflective tape and in fluorescence color, do perfect in protecting your safe in day and night.