Why Drivers should Wear Reflective Vest

Driving on the road, these are common reflective equipment weather reflective traffic cone、reflective indicator or police reflective cloth, they can reflect the surrounding light at night. This will play a certain warning role for passers-by and drivers.

With the rapid development of the industry, work clothes are widely used by many enterprises, which not only protects the safety, but also shows the corporate culture. Many workers who work at night must wear work clothes with reflective strips! With the improvement of reflective safety awareness in work and life, reflective work clothes are commonly used in car-related work, and not limited to common industries such as traffic management and sanitation.

We all know that fluorescent colors are easily contrasted with the surrounding environment during the day. Compared with other colors, they can attract the attention of drivers and others, thus reducing traffic hazards and facilitating search. This is why many countries force the police to wait for the outdoors in the form of law. This is the reason why the staff’s clothing smart uses color, the car driver safety clothing is such a kind of safety clothing.

For ordinary people, the same is true. When driving outside, it is inevitable that there will be an emergency situation. Temporarily stop by to buy bottle of water, go to the gas station to add oil, or if there is a breakdown, you need temporary parking (especially on the highway), if you wear one A reflective garment with a fluorescent effect appears on the side of the road, so the warning effect you give to the passing vehicle will increase several times. At night, this kind of reflective warning effect will prompt the car to decelerate around a few hundred meters.

Therefore, it is really necessary to drive a car and prepare two or three reflective vests in the car.